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  1. I must pay due notice to the fact that my Tweet, “I h8 U u goddamm fagot
    suk mi kok u gay retard wy do u h8on thr sekkund amendmunt homoe” had no
    attention paid to it whatsoever. I view this as a most undesirable
    prejudice. Shameful!

  2. I love Cenk and I love TYT. And I love the whole TYT crew. I also agree
    that Obama needs to be challenged to do better, to be more progressive.

    But Cenk and TYT would be more convincing and have a better reputation for
    honesty if they didn’t pretend that Obama could ever possibly get anything
    passed through the current Congress. Don’t bash Obama for a lack of agenda;
    blame the Republicans for obstructing everything he has tried to do to a
    degree unprecedented in American history. If you blame Obama for what the
    GOP is doing, you are giving the GOP a free pass. They need to be held
    accountable – but TYT is basically helping Republicans by amplifying their

    I realize a lot of people hate Obama, and TYT wants every single one of
    those viewers faithfully following their channel. But Obama has millions of
    supporters, too, and we realize that enormous limits have been placed on
    Obama by the intransigence of Republicans. And when we hear Cenk lie about
    Obama, it just makes us want to stay away. 

  3. The Koch brothers even meddled in a small town mayor’s race in Iowa. The
    lies they spread about the mayor were denounced by his opponent, who was
    glad he lost because he wanted nothing to do with them. Get billionaire
    money out of politics!

  4. LTrotsky 21st Century on

    If Karl Marx was running TYT . . . ownership would be transferred to a
    workers committee. Property would not be seized.

  5. Nuclear Trigger Finger on

    Cenk Uygur is your typical un-American Middle Easterner. It’s no wonder his
    people blew up the World Trade Center.

  6. Wrong, democracy is the actual CANCER that destroyed USA economy and thus
    society. Mobocracy, socialism, that’s what democracy is – short gain for
    personal advantage at the expense of long term prosperity, that’s what
    democracy brings. Democracy needs to be eradicated, USA was established as
    a republic to AVOID democracy.

  7. لتحويل فخور on

    I would just like to thank Cenk for properly explaining arranged marriage
    and clarifying that it isn’t meant to be forced and it can work out fine.
    Cenk is the best person on TYT without a doubt. 

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