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  1. Right so because I’m British and thus more confused than some Americans
    about this incident, are you alleging that Obama had an arms deal with
    someone, Libya was a transit route, and Chris Stevens was trying to stop

    If this is correct, I’m going to infer that you are accussing Obama of
    Chris Stevens’ murder by proxy, by the reduction of embassy security and
    the motive being that Obama feared the arms trafficking would be made

  2. What Hillary doesn’t want you to know. Just weeks before Benghazi happend,
    Hillary had a choice to make. More security for Benghazi or her pet project
    “Food Diplomacy” Her choice cost the lives of 4 Americans. Hillary spent a
    large chunk of the state departments yearly budget on her “Food Diplomacy”
    program which employed 80 top chefs to globe trot around the world as “Food
    Ambassadors” Ya think Chris Stevens could have used 80 armed security men?
    Youtube search 85BPk2sWJhs and see

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