MH370 Obama Connection Found (By Fox News)

Now Bill O’Reilly is sounding desperate. How many times now since the start of the Malaysia Airlines story has he devoted a segment to hammering the media —…

Along with His Majesty King Philippe and Prime Minister di Rupo of Belgium, President Obama delivers remarks at Flanders Field Cemetery. March 26, 2014.
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39 thoughts on “MH370 Obama Connection Found (By Fox News)

  1. Tyt is taking bill out of context. He only mention of the terrorist attack
    once to make a point about the media ignoring stories that hurt the liberal
    cause. Cenk is just slamming Fox News because they are their biggest threat
    to their young misinformed viewers. Many have already wised up to tyt bias
    and many more will as they get older and wiser. 

  2. is this guy taking a shit? why don’t they just wipe his face once? At least
    the liars at fox and the other scammers can hide their slime. This guy’s
    literally oozes out of him as he speaks.

  3. Sit back drink a beer and eat some food while I watch Fox news
    entertainment and just look how far right sided these people are. Then
    before I turn off the TV I go look at CNN and MSNBC entertainment news for
    a funny clever spin on stories of the day laughing at things they say. If
    you’re feeling blue watch fox, cnn and msnbc for some good laughing.

  4. The IRS “scandal” is a non-story, but the biggest in American history? I
    dunno, there are alot of stories about Kim Kardashian.

  5. Oh sorry guys I think that was me that bumped the rating for fox, I sit and
    jack it to O’Reilly for all the absolute shit that comes out of his and
    Fox’s mouth. 

  6. You know who else thinks she found the plane? Courtney Love. Google it. I
    would not shit you. I’ve always wondered what she’s been doing since Kurt
    died and Hole broke up and she got off of the H. Apparently helping the
    intelligence agency. Fox News and Courtney Love have a lot in common you
    know? They both think they found the plane and they both *really* wanna go
    back to the early 90s.

  7. I love how the O’reilly factor is the only news show i’ve seen that has
    slides of what he’s saying as he says it.

    There’s the proof of this viewing age they either have vision or
    hearing…not both.

  8. “Important stories like the IRS and Benghazi” — nutty conspiracy theories
    ginned-up by right-wing media and thoroughly debunked by last summer. It’s
    fascinating to think about how disconnected from reality a person would be
    if they got all of their news from Fox News and other right-wing media

  9. #1 Cable News Channel? Bull! Nobody’s watching! That’s only because of
    all the ChicK Filets TV sets are all tuned to it 24-7

  10. At least they didn’t say that Obama personally had the plane shot down as a
    distraction, because I’m guessing there’s at least one pundit on Fox who
    floated the idea.

  11. So all i heard from Bill was “Yes this event was entirely tragic, BUT LOOK

  12. conservatives have no idea their sheepish gullible mentality is what is
    breaking this country. Just a bunch of dumb hicks.

  13. yes bill, the Australian media cant stop reporting on this story because it
    helps placate the citizens of the US and stops them asking questions on

  14. President Obama: People are asking each other…..”Why is Obama still
    spending billions of dollars on our military”??? Why are we not leading by
    example, and cut some of our money spent on building up our defenses???
    Oh, thats right, the republican congress still wants to spend money on
    wars, and less on its citizens!!!!! Who is the leader of America…OBAMA,

  15. Republicans cheated in the 2010 elections through gerrymandering that’s how
    they won the House, they cheated. Karl Rove admitted he played a large role
    in helping to gerrymander the districts. Conservative websites also reveal
    that they admitted if they had not have gerrymandered the districts they
    would have lost everything, because the democrats got 1.5 million more
    votes than republicans. We don’t really have a chance to stop the
    gerrymandering until 2020, but we should still try to win the midterm
    elections despite the GOP cheating even though we don’t stand a chance.

  16. I am disappointed that someone would dislike this video. My grandfather
    fought for the freedom of Europe on WWII on Normandy beach. Americans and
    Europeans alike are quick to condemn the U.S. military. If it were not for
    the soldiers that fought bravely and gave their life for a just cause
    people would not have the freedom to post any comments on this video.

  17. I have a question. If Obama truely feels this way then why is he destroying
    everything that these men fought and died for? I doubt they would approve
    of his true feelings on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

  18. It is always a pleasure to listen to President Obama giving speeches. He is
    real, he is sincere and he is a compassioned man who really wants to do the
    best for this country. God bless him!

  19. He’s definitely the best President United States has never had !
    Let’s continue the hard work to do !
    From Belgium

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