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  1. PreTribRaptureTruth on

    @myhopeisinhim, did you read the comment on the other video? Obviously, you
    do not believe in the pre-trib rapture & you’re here to debate. (trying to
    trip people up) You’re free to believe what you want. I’m not going to go
    on & on with you. If you have a legitimate & specific question, perhaps I
    or someone else will answer. There are other channels on YouTube who debate
    & have on going discussions, not me. Read my channel description. I’m a
    pre-tribber & here to encourage pre-tribbers.

  2. Myhopeisinhim on

    In the order of events, you put the rapture in Rev 4-5. Do you mind if I
    ask you to elaborate on why you feel Rev 4:1-2 is referencing the rapture?

  3. Thank you so much. I tweak noses then back off. It’s not a salvation issue
    but some get intense over it. My concern is that newcomers to Jesus may get
    the wrong impressions from flawed teaching. Not that *I* have all the
    answers but some scriptures are (I think) plain and simple. (Got a comment
    from one character a bit ago that says that we are now in the 1000 year
    reign and that it is almost over. Mind-boggling.)

  4. PreTribRaptureTruth on

    Nope. There is not any logic in your statement. I will not allow filth on
    my channel. As I said before. This is my channel and I set it up as I wish.
    What I share is for whomever God has it for and I DO NOT compromise my
    values for anyone. Anyone who does not like it, don’t have to watch my
    channel and just keep on trucking on.

  5. PreTribRaptureTruth on

    LOL. I don’t know why you’re so upset but, bye. I didn’t ask you to watch
    in the first place. By the way, I don’t ask anyone to subscribe to my
    channel like you do. I’m not here to beg people to subscribe to my channel,
    or to be popular and gain friends. Bye-bye.

  6. A suggestion… boost the volume a bit. I can barely hear what you’re
    saying with the speakers 100% up. Just sayin’…

  7. PreTribRaptureTruth on

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. God’s wrath begins with the opening
    of the 1st seal that the Lord Jesus opens. That’s chapter 6,

  8. Oscar Catalan on

    so what about the time of the Harvest?? Revelation14:14-19 the reaping of
    the harvest. the weeds are separated from the wheat Matt13:36-43. plus the
    wrath of God is not poured out until chapter 16 of Revelation. Matt13:39
    the harvest is the end of the age.

  9. PreTribRaptureTruth on

    I know what you mean. The bible clearly teaches a pre-trib rapture and the
    Lord Jesus Christ himself have made these promises to us. I believe the
    scripture and I believe God’s promises. I take him at his word. Don’t let
    them get you down with their insults, let them alone. If they want to go
    through the tribulation period, let them. It doesn’t have to be that way,
    but the Lord will not force anyone to come to his heaven.

  10. Myhopeisinhim on

    To be honest, I’ve seen pre-tribbers become harsh, as well as post
    tribbers. I don’t believe it has to do with the theory, but rather with
    personalities. They have not yet learned gentle rebuke, or that we should
    speak with gentle hearts.

  11. We live in a bad world, we have all heard/seen bad words before. You can
    always go through and delete. I apologize, I was under the assumption that
    you were trying to reach others, if that’s not your mission, then keep
    nanny controlling the comments, like all of the hacks out there and keep
    sending out the message, that you are just like them, that is how comment
    controlled channels are perceived. Sorry I bothered you, hope you see the
    logic in my statement.

  12. Yesterday, I was called blasphemous and told to repent by a post-tribber
    because he does not see the truth of pre-trib. Curious how most
    post-tribbers become so intense and nasty to those that don’t agree with
    them. I have yet to see a pre-tribber become nasty over the differences.